A New Approach to Planned Giving

Big Picture Pledge is a national awareness campaign that aims to drastically increase the number of charitable bequests made in wills every year. Charitable giving is often an afterthought in estate planning but, by taking the Big Picture Pledge, Americans can support the causes they care about and tell their friends about it. 


Bridgepath Synagogue is a progressive new synagogue specifically designed for the “pre-family” individual. Traditional synagogues are perfect for families who utilize their full programming: pre-school, religious school, bar/bat mitzvah classes, and educational classes among many other components. The unmarried individual typically does not need those programs and does not feel entirely comfortable surrounded by people who do. As a result, many unmarried individuals, typically in their 20s and 30s, have fallen out of Jewish life. Our goal is to reengage this only-culturally-affiliated Jew on both a spiritual and active level. We believe that people generally like to pray with those whom they play. That said, our synagogue is designed to create the most comfortable community for these individuals. We do so by having pricing that is a fraction of the cost of traditional synagogues, having mandatory community service, engaging Shabbat dinners, and a completely new, exciting, and spiritual Kabbalat Shabbat service while outsourcing the rest.